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Are J&J the Best

Our product means you no longer have to carry around lighters or matches either. The J&J range represents a genuine lifestyle alternative, offering significant economic and health benefits over conventional cigarettes.
Firstly, let's take both the UK and US as an example and consider the following hard-hitting facts.

Smoking in the UK

In 2008 Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) - one of the UK's leading public health charities and foremost authority on smoking-related statistics, reported the following:

" Smoking cost the NHS £2.7 billion in 2006/7; more than £50 million each week spent treating diseases caused by smoking. Each week smoking accounts for an estimated £20 million expenditure on hospital admissions, £4 million on outpatients, £10 million on GP consultations, £1 million on practice nurse consultations and £17 million in prescription costs. Assuming 1996 proportions of current and ex-smokers suggests an additional £380 million smoking cost to the NHS. "

Below we've outlined some key advantages of switching to J&J WHITE or IMPULSE:

Friendly to the environment

Here at Jasper & Jasper we're committed to a smoke-free environment for all. The average cigarette contains over 4000 different chemicals which are released both into the atmosphere through smoke, and the ground by cigarette ends.

Our products produce nothing more than harmless, imitation smoke vapor. No material is burnt as such, and therefore no ashtray is required.

The elimination of harmful smoke and associated odor means there is no effect on those around you - so you're free to use the product wherever you like. Discarded lit cigarettes are also a common cause of forest fires during the summer months.

And to your pocket

The average smoker spends £1750 a year on cigarettes, or around £90,000 in a lifetime. J&J uses a replaceable cartridge system that can be purchased either in single or multiple packs - offering a considerable saving when compared to the rising costs of smoking (for more information please visit our Products page).


Cigarettes represent a major risk of domestic fires -costing the NHS £200 million in hospital care. Our products have been tested to meet stringent CE & RoHS standards.
No flammable materials are used and of course nothing is actually lit within the device, so there is no danger of anything coming into contact with the device and burning.




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