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How it works

Whether you want to call it an electronic imitation or alternative cigarette one thing remains true - to anyone else, our products maintain the appearance of a conventional cigarette.

A sophisticated design recreates an authentic smoking experience in look, feel and taste without the ash, tar and smoke associated with conventional cigarettes.

A unique combination of innovative technology, world-class design and premium materials are fused to change the way smoking is currently perceived.

What's inside?

Encased within a realistic cigarette body is a cartridge, atomisation chamber, smart chip controller and Lithium-Ion battery. An illuminated tip indicates various operations, much like a real cigarette.
The atomisation chamber produces a vapour-like smoke as the nicotine solution from the cartridge heats up. So to anyone else, a Jasper & Jasper electronic cigarette maintains the appearance of a conventional cigarette.

Cleaner, Healthier and Economical

Our revolutionary design allows the user to experience the same nicotine effects and taste through inhalation, without the associated chemicals and odour. The resulting sensation provides everything a cigarette does, without harmful bi-products.

Our product range makes for an altogether cleaner, healthier device and - through the use of replaceable cartridges - cheaper alternative to cigarettes.

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Jasper & Jasper Ltd
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