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Jasper and jasper has given me the most satisfying smoking experience as I no longer have to worry about side effects and odor. Thank you J & J for making my life-routine abundantly pleasant.

Nile Kinnick
Brand Manager, Cuba


There are so many different smoking alternatives on the market and I was a sceptic, until I tried the Impulse! It changed my life. I'm off the nasty tobacco for good! Great Job guys!.

Kristy Joseph
Lead Wedding Planner, LA


Using Jasper and Jasper was probably the best decision I have ever made. I feel being true to me when I say, I am using J& J. It is good for my health and everyone around me.

Jim Jackson
Sportsman, Portugal


As an all-time smoker and Jasper&Jasper being my first alternate to cigarettes I am so delighted. It's very easy to use, carry, and take pleasure in. Batteries charge very quickly and everything is totally professional. In the end my NO-Nicotine policy would never have been successful without Jasper and Jasper. Thanks for such a great product and transactions.

David Effron
Online Retailer, SanFrancisco


I have a successful transition from smoking to e-cigarettes using Jasper and Jasper. The reason being so is absolutely the right brand choice. Jasper and jasper offers an awesome range of strengths. I can easily switch between these ranges, whenever whichever way I feel like. It keeps my addiction quiet and I enjoy the same smoking experience in a wonderful way.

Jenny Putler
Independant Art Retailer, NY


I have tried various brands, but the experience with Jasper and jasper was exceptionally great. It was very close to real. My favorite pick is J&J Red. It has a regular strength with tobacco flavor and much more enhanced quality. I appreciate their efforts to make such an improved quality product.

Mike Hudson
M-Phill Student, UCLA


The best thing about Jasper and Jasper is that now I can smoke anywhere feeling exactly like a real smoking. And you cannot tell the difference… so I want to feel same great for the rest of my life.

A. D. Peterson
Archaeologist, EGYPT


I feel so confident to say that Jasper and Jasper is the wonderful tobacco replacement. I have been trying many alternatives to smoking for last few years until I rested my hands on this awesome brand. It has given me the same enjoyable experience. If you are looking at making the jump to e-cigs, Jasper and Jasper is a wonderful brand to try to get your feet wet, so to speak.

Richard K. Ben
Construction Engineer, DUBAI


I have never realized the outshine benefits of available smoking alternative until I experience the quality products of Jasper and Jasper. I was simply blown away by its exceptional experience.

Product Executioner, CA


I've become such great fan of Jasper and Jasper-Menthol right when I first tried it. I was using green E-cigs from other brands but it is the best one available, hands down. I'd be shocked if another product like this was released with the same quality.

Chad Latvia
Industrialist, UK


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