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Welcome to Jasper and Jasper

At Jasper & Jasper we understand life is about choice. The decisions we make define who we are as individuals - it's what makes us human after all. For every choice there is an alternative and for cigarette users, that choice is Jasper & Jasper.

Offering choice through innovation
We thrive on innovation, and our products represent the very latest technology in cigarette alternatives. J&J electronic cigarettes come in two unique designs, WHITE and IMPULSE. Cigarette alternatives have been in development worldwide for many years and come in all shapes and sizes. We have harnessed the latest technological advancements to develop a truly cutting-edge, ultra-realistic product that recreates the sensation of smoking without the associated risks. In fact, we're confident that our products are about as close to the real thing as you can get. An odorless, harmless water vapor means you're free to use Jasper & Jasper products wherever you choose. No more smoke-tainted clothing; no more environmental issues. It's a cleaner, healthier and more economical alternative to conventional cigarettes.
 “Jasper and Jasper is a Blinq Tech corporation”

Our goal and the environment

Jasper & Jasper are committed to a smoke-free environment for all. Both J&J WHITE and
IMPULSE have been designed solely to provide conventional cigarette users with an innovative,
enjoyable and, more importantly, authentic alternative to conventional cigarettes.
Approximately 4000 chemicals are present in a single cigarette - by eliminating harmful smoke pollution and the litter associated with conventional cigarettes, we're working towards a better environment for everyone..
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now you really can give up on giving up.




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